Tesco ad tech, Twitter feelings and brand iBeacons

1. Tesco buys into Ad Tech with big data, loyalty cards, store and online


2. Not ‘We Feel Fine’ but “How we are Feeling” Twitter sentiment


3. Its not just the retailers, InMarket let BRANDS target customers using in-store iBeacons


…and for those who missed it yesterday

Emoji invades twitter:


Have a lovely Thursday!


Super markets being super: Tesco, Walmart and digital coupons

1. Only 6 more days to enter a video of your product – if you are a company and want to get your product onto the shelves of Walmart.

Walmart will then put the vetted videos to the public vote ala American Idol (X Factor if your’e British) stylee and narrow them down to 10, then 3, then 1. Voting begins 7th March. Clever big Walmart.


2. It’s all about the SoLoMo baby: Social-Local-Mobile

Groupon users feel that they are on top if not before trends, Social Twist’s business model is to reward through referrals, 95% of Smart phone users search for local info and Walgreens are investing in POS intergration.

this tidy little article highlights through some nice social contemporary coupling behaviour.


3. Tesco Homeplus is extending it’s virtual stores to 20 bus stop locations in Seoul

Last year saw Tesco trial its ground breaking virtual grocery shopping store in a Seoul subway. The most popular use is in Korea where it saw 900,000 app downloads last April.


Tesco’s is busy being busy! It’s also extending it’s Florence & Fred clothing line into the Middle East. With a bit of Lo, it hopes to extend the success of its 11 Euro-location extension.