Get your social on: Paid to like, NBA DILOs & Facebook covers

1] A whole new meaning to socially rewarding in the travel worldSocial Rewards is a loyalty-marketing program that rewards points to users for tweeting and posting to Facebook about the brands they like. A user can earn five points for a tweet and as much as 250 points if their social-media postings lead to room bookings. We tap in to a brands existing loyalty program or create custom loyalty programs like the one we did for Luxor [casino in Las Vegas],” says Joseph Morin, co-founder and CEO of Social Rewards….

 2] DILO a Social Medialist…While bored traditional sports reporters wait for quotes from the megastars, the NBA’s elite social media team finds images, videos, and moments that take followers up close and behind the scenes of the Finals. We follow–literally–the social media masters during before, during, and after the action to watch how it all works.
From Fast Company

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 3] “Who said Facebook can’t be used to sell magazines”
Newsweek readers play ‘guess the cover’ on facebook

From The Daily Beast

and there’s always one isn’t there…

Asides form the slightly psychizo weather,  it’s actually all about what’s going down at the 2011 E3 Expo.For all the regular joes out there, here’s Wired’s round up (the FHM of the tech, culture, science world according to Doug) to keep you in the gaming know without over doing it.
And for those like Matt for whom the breaking news of Nintendo’s new console, Wii U is just oh so passé, get your chops around Gametrailers


Less is More: Loopt, Google & Twitter

1] Loopt, fed up with fighting with Foursquare & Gowalla, is releasing Loopt Star, a rewards scheme that basically turns it into a store loyalty card, stored electronically on your iPhone. … more from Fast Company
The main thrust of the new service is this location-based reward scheme, and to demonstrate its power Gap is taking part in the launch with a 25% discount voucher on the second checkin to a store location–redeemable on the spot.

2] Starting today,when you conduct a Google search on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll get apps as results along with regular search results.
These special links will take you directly to the app’s page in the Android Marketor iPhone App Store, where you can buy or download the app immediately. Links will include star rating, number of reviews, price and the name of the app maker.

3] Twitter kinda doesn’t copy facebook’s mutual friends functionality with its new ‘you both follow’ feature. More fun for stalkers (aka those who have an interest)?