Disney’s talking objects, Tinder UI for shoes and steamy couples messaging app

1. Talking objects from Disney Research

“New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Any Object Transmit Sound” by turning them into speakers.


2. Tinder Left-Right swipe language goes Retail

“Stylect, a shoe shopping app for iOS, has a Tinder-esque UI, underpinned by its own recommendation engine, to help women find and purchase the perfect pair of shoes.Swipe right if you like. Swipe left if you don’t.”


3. HowAboutWe gets steamy with You&Me Messaging App for couples

Love interests can exchange photo, text, and video messages, voice memos and even their favourite songs.

Also includes Photobooth, which offers a four-window boardwalk-esque Photobooth experience, Halfsie that takes a Frontback-style photo of you on top and them on the bottom, as well as Secret, which sends a “steamed up” photo which the recipient must wipe clear to see.


Bonus! Yes, more wearable Tech! Tintell – a wearable phone & GPS, for kids

“I came up with the idea for Tinitell when I was hanging out with a friend who is also a father,” says founder Mats Horn. “His son wanted to go outside and play, but he didn’t have a cell phone. He had lost a cell phone once before, and we didn’t feel like lending out our smartphones. Worst of all, we couldn’t join him outside because we were busy cooking dinner. His son ended up playing in his room with his iPad, and I thought that was sad.”



Whatcha up to Google? Stars, Glass Wallet and Now Retail

1. Google Star-ing

A cloud service for favouriting, saving, organising and sharing web items, not just pages.



2. Your Glass Wallet

Send money to your mates through Wallet by voice commanding Glass to “Send Money.”


3. Google Now Retail Alerts

Be an android user and walk past a store and be alerted if a store carries an item that you have previously searched for.

Can’t tell you whether the item is in stock though…yet…


In a month of fashionable May: Fashion Flipboard apps, Barneys got a makeover and 5 Start-ups making waves

Only 4 months late, I found these bad boys back in May. They’re so bad (in an MJ way not an over ripe pear way) that I wanted to share them with you anyway.

1. Personalised Fashion

Betakit have honed in on Shopmox, Stylmee and Monogram as doing it personally for the ipads.
Shopmox lets you browse all your favourite stores from one place and creates a daily boutique for you.
Stylmee is the FarmVille darling of the fashion world and is also available as an html5 web version. Users can create their own boutiques and earn rewards when others like their real life inventory. Retail Pinterest may have thrown a curve ball but they may have overcome by simply joining in the Pinterest fun.
Monogram is supposed to be truly focussed on the UX and presents users with dashboards curated by algorithms and human beings.

2. Barneys New York

Lady Lux let us know about the make over. It has all the features and functionality that we would expect social shopping sites to have but all wrapped up in soft cashmere labels: ‘Most popular’ becomes ‘Most Loved’, ‘Exclusives’ becomes ‘Exclusively Ours’ and ‘The Window’ is their blog-esq editorial content. The best bit? Lovely big product images. Just feel Barneys’ love!

3. Fashion start-ups

TNW collated these 5 beauties:
a. Osmoda
Allows up and coming luxury boutiques who don’t want to get left out of the search and buy race to have a presence by taking care of the inventory, photography, payment and logistics.
b. Lyst
Kinda like Polyvore minus the moodboard element (soon to come?:)) where the fashion community, users and brands alike come together to create, share, follow and buy from each others Lysts.
c. StylistPick is not so new, so I won’t go into it.
d. Covetique
Facilitates the selling and buying of preloved lux. They make consumers feel safe by helping to authenticate items and ensure that they are of good quality and make sellers feel safe by taking care of the transaction and logistics.
Finally one for the brands, retailers and suppliers! Editd features trend science, runway reports, social monitoring, product, trend and competitor tracking tools, and visual merchandising libraries to help with those merchandising and buying decisions.

Super markets being super: Tesco, Walmart and digital coupons

1. Only 6 more days to enter a video of your product – if you are a company and want to get your product onto the shelves of Walmart.

Walmart will then put the vetted videos to the public vote ala American Idol (X Factor if your’e British) stylee and narrow them down to 10, then 3, then 1. Voting begins 7th March. Clever big Walmart.


2. It’s all about the SoLoMo baby: Social-Local-Mobile

Groupon users feel that they are on top if not before trends, Social Twist’s business model is to reward through referrals, 95% of Smart phone users search for local info and Walgreens are investing in POS intergration.

this tidy little article highlights through some nice social contemporary coupling behaviour.


3. Tesco Homeplus is extending it’s virtual stores to 20 bus stop locations in Seoul

Last year saw Tesco trial its ground breaking virtual grocery shopping store in a Seoul subway. The most popular use is in Korea where it saw 900,000 app downloads last April.


Tesco’s is busy being busy! It’s also extending it’s Florence & Fred clothing line into the Middle East. With a bit of Lo, it hopes to extend the success of its 11 Euro-location extension.


Delayed Fashiontastic Gratification

I meant to post these guys a while back and I didn’t but I really wanted to because a] fashion brands are getting their digital on and b] luxury fashion brands are digitising without loosing their exclusivity quota.

1] Burberry is all over it! From 3D holographic runways, live streams to purchase, many fanned Facebook activity , much viewed Youtube activity to Tweetwalk where catwalk looks premiered on twitter before runway, Burberry is also one of the first to create a google+1 brand page

2] The Armani Exchange are giving power to the people through the A|E VIDEOMIX lets downloaders of this iOS app edit runs, choose from music tracks and backgrounds and create their own virtual shows not only to share but to buy from.

3] Lanvin isn’t too shy to play. For their Fall 2011 campaign, they have video-ed and viral-ed their beautifully groomed and wonderfully dressed models dancing ala XBox Kinect. Watch n learn baby.

Hope you have an exclusive weekend filled with faux fur luxury but with many opportunities for interaction without de-valuing your brand equity.

Augmented Retail-ity

1] Airwalk’s invisible pop up store

2] Try on clothes without taking yours off

3] The future of retail brought to by psfk

The rioting is pretty shit…no doubt someone will knock up an inforgraphic sometime soon…

A pair of pairs, Twitter feeds & purchasing stuff

1] Game creates a playable virtual world controlled by tweets


2] From Trend Hunter, Twitterific Portraits –
Kunst Buzz Creates Social Media Artwork Using Twitter Feeds

3] From May’s Trend Hunting, THE F-FACTOR, which is all about how friends, fans & followers greatly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions in ever-more sophisticated ways.
4] A pair of apps try to remake the experience of shopping. Are they the game-changers they think they are?

Enjoy the Matrimony and Monarchy that is this long, Royal weekend – whether you like it or notJ