Disney’s talking objects, Tinder UI for shoes and steamy couples messaging app

1. Talking objects from Disney Research

“New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Any Object Transmit Sound” by turning them into speakers.


2. Tinder Left-Right swipe language goes Retail

“Stylect, a shoe shopping app for iOS, has a Tinder-esque UI, underpinned by its own recommendation engine, to help women find and purchase the perfect pair of shoes.Swipe right if you like. Swipe left if you don’t.”


3. HowAboutWe gets steamy with You&Me Messaging App for couples

Love interests can exchange photo, text, and video messages, voice memos and even their favourite songs.

Also includes Photobooth, which offers a four-window boardwalk-esque Photobooth experience, Halfsie that takes a Frontback-style photo of you on top and them on the bottom, as well as Secret, which sends a “steamed up” photo which the recipient must wipe clear to see.


Bonus! Yes, more wearable Tech! Tintell – a wearable phone & GPS, for kids

“I came up with the idea for Tinitell when I was hanging out with a friend who is also a father,” says founder Mats Horn. “His son wanted to go outside and play, but he didn’t have a cell phone. He had lost a cell phone once before, and we didn’t feel like lending out our smartphones. Worst of all, we couldn’t join him outside because we were busy cooking dinner. His son ended up playing in his room with his iPad, and I thought that was sad.”



Sound to navigate, Global apps for children, Walmart gets 1984, Shim by BostonGlobe, a whole new level of search ala ipad

1] Navigate whilst you cycle. The sound gets louder in your left ear headphone if you need to go left.

2] Like the HSBC ‘worlds local’ bank ads, we need to consider language, culture, colour and imagery and local conventions when designing global apps for kids:

3] Walmart wants to get sell you what you want – products that you talk about in your tweets, with your facebook mates and even using your smartphone once you’re in store.

4] BostonGlobe have created Shim – a responsive site browser test across multiple devices – from the horses mouth:
“It’s all about: What is the user experience?” he said. “We’re not really talking about technology. A printed newspaper is one user experience. A website is a completely different user experience. Twitter is another user experience. What do people like? What do people want? We just don’t know.”

5] Food for thought and future, searching on an ipad is no longer about a text box – from mashable: “Search on tablets will incorporate how you engage with your tablet’s touchscreen, front and back cameras and microphone. “Where are you looking? What are you seeing? How much time are you spending reading?,” he says as ways to imagine new avenues for search on tablets. The tablet, more so than other devices, can know enough about you to understand the context around your queries and give you better answers, he says. “Search becomes a unified experience on a tablet … a unified experience between our eyes, our ears and our cognitive processes.”

Have a kick ass weekend:) I’ve taken up boxing and spent last weekend watching my hubby go round the garden throwing up in various spots because he went just that little bit too far….Hope it’s all dried up…our trainer gives us no mercy. Clearly. 

UX off the desk top and into the real world

1] Barcelona design agency Fuelfor are tackling the humble hospital waiting rooms.  They’ve designed a series of concepts that take into account, patient and visitor feelings and mindsets, their needs and concerns and making the experience of ‘waiting’ that bit more bearable. This is fine example of life user experience:

2] Despite its perception as a technology that doesn’t quite deliver what it promised, industries want to take Augmented reality out of ad campaigns and into industry. Technology palm readers have postulated how augmented reality may be used to to help trim chicken, to solve crimes and of course, to educate children. 

away from the machine, “and I come up to this Coca-Cola machine which was probably created before Facebook. How am I going to connect to this machine?

These examples are of people, of life, of feelings and desires and things, all finally joining up. This is planet earth (no idea what the lyrics mean but i do like his shirt).

Hashtag recruit, fun size furniture designers & streaming music

1] Forget the word doc, a hashtag battle to hire new talent for an ad agency

From fast Company

 2] Kids become industrial furniture designers
“At what age can kids understand and benefit from learning how the design process works?
New York industrial design firm Aruliden and the North Carolina furniture firm Bernhardt Design set up Tools for School.
The idea: teach eighth graders how industrial designers work, and turn them loose to try the process for themselves by designing furniture for the classroom of the future.
The kids astonished the designers, their teachers, and themselves, with their ability to grasp the concepts and the process, and brainstorm some truly innovative improvements on the neglected category of school furniture.

In fact, the ideas were so good that Aruliden synthesized them, and turned them into professional renderings. Bernhardt will take the project one step further by manufacturing prototypes, and showcasing them in its booth at ICFF in May.”

Also from fast Company

 3] Soundtrckroffers listeners unlimited streaming access to 10 million songs on web, mobile and soon TV
“Plus, Soundtrckr has social and local components on lockdown — you can listen to the “stations” of friends or people nearby. And it costs nothing. No subscription fees, no mobile surcharge, no ads, nada. So, where’s the catch?
Soundtrckr takes the similar artist, algorithmic playlist selection model that Pandora uses and has song skip limitations, so it’s not of Spotify’s or Rdio’s on-demand ilk.”
From Mashable

And a handy mobile usage and socialisation by numbers, info graphic from Kelly:

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