Sound to navigate, Global apps for children, Walmart gets 1984, Shim by BostonGlobe, a whole new level of search ala ipad

1] Navigate whilst you cycle. The sound gets louder in your left ear headphone if you need to go left.

2] Like the HSBC ‘worlds local’ bank ads, we need to consider language, culture, colour and imagery and local conventions when designing global apps for kids:

3] Walmart wants to get sell you what you want – products that you talk about in your tweets, with your facebook mates and even using your smartphone once you’re in store.

4] BostonGlobe have created Shim – a responsive site browser test across multiple devices – from the horses mouth:
“It’s all about: What is the user experience?” he said. “We’re not really talking about technology. A printed newspaper is one user experience. A website is a completely different user experience. Twitter is another user experience. What do people like? What do people want? We just don’t know.”

5] Food for thought and future, searching on an ipad is no longer about a text box – from mashable: “Search on tablets will incorporate how you engage with your tablet’s touchscreen, front and back cameras and microphone. “Where are you looking? What are you seeing? How much time are you spending reading?,” he says as ways to imagine new avenues for search on tablets. The tablet, more so than other devices, can know enough about you to understand the context around your queries and give you better answers, he says. “Search becomes a unified experience on a tablet … a unified experience between our eyes, our ears and our cognitive processes.”

Have a kick ass weekend:) I’ve taken up boxing and spent last weekend watching my hubby go round the garden throwing up in various spots because he went just that little bit too far….Hope it’s all dried up…our trainer gives us no mercy. Clearly. 


A pair of pairs, Twitter feeds & purchasing stuff

1] Game creates a playable virtual world controlled by tweets


2] From Trend Hunter, Twitterific Portraits –
Kunst Buzz Creates Social Media Artwork Using Twitter Feeds

3] From May’s Trend Hunting, THE F-FACTOR, which is all about how friends, fans & followers greatly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions in ever-more sophisticated ways.
4] A pair of apps try to remake the experience of shopping. Are they the game-changers they think they are?

Enjoy the Matrimony and Monarchy that is this long, Royal weekend – whether you like it or notJ

Ad maps, mobile personas & civilisation gaming

1] From Techcrunch talking about Moat – heat maps for ads:
“Moat has a proxy for attention. It can generate a heat map of where people hover their mouse over an ad, and where they click as well. What you end up with is something like the heatmap shown above for HauteLook. An image of a woman in the ad, while more attractive, turned out to be too distracting, whereas an image of a shoe results in 2.6 times more clicks on the join button. Moat offers these heatmap analytics to brand advertisers, to help them figure out which display ads are the most engaging and to give them tools to fix the ones that are not working. “

2] From ReadWriteWeb, Sarah Perez in her ‘How to create lovable mobile apps’, an extract highlighting the importance of designing mobile apps for contextual and behavioural relevance:
“Forrester recommends designers create mobile personas of the app’s users, then design for the mobile context and design for the emotion “love.” What that means is, first, designers should segment the user population using personas, which are
“vivid, narrative descriptions of a named fictitious person” representing a segment of that population. Identify the relevant characteristics of the population the app should serve. Use demographics, needs and the mobile context to narrow the population down to 3 to 6 target segments. Remember that the app doesn’t have be loved by every person, everywhere.

After the segments have been created, do user research to find out more about the users’ needs. Ask open-ended questions when surveying users, so as not to influence their answers. But don’t just go by what the users say, watch what they do in real-world situations, too. Here, Gualtieri references an appropriate quote from Henry Ford, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.'”

3] From FastCompany, Judah Schiller has written a nice article entitled ‘How Can We Use Gaming To Get To The Next Level Of Civilization?’ and re-enforces the notion that as games evolve, “so too should our expectations of how games will positively influence how we work, learn, and live, both online and offline”

US Organisations like Games for Change curates digital and non-digital games that engage contemporary social issues in a meaningful way “…(to increase awareness)and cultural thinking on some of the most important public issues of the day (like poverty, global conflict and human rights)”

This Februarys’ online game Spent from McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) (a non-profit based in North Carolina) is testament to the belief and movement that games. It’s already big in the States, let’s see how long it is before the UK trends.


Its lovely out so maybe ride yer bike in or walk – not only will you get your vitamin D but you can avoid creepy people like this who take creepy pictures of you travelling on the tube (Thanks FranJ)! It is creepy. It doesn’t matter if they think that you’re well fit.. You know some folk believe that taking a picture of someone is akin to taking their soul! Seriously!

Yeah…half a dozen of everything

1] More 3D projection building façade work. This time for Hot Wheels Skull Racers.
From Hypebeast:

2] Photo Gallery: Digital Age Logos in Unlikely Locations
From Flavourwire:

3] 5 iPad Apps That Rival Their Desktop Counterparts
From Mashable:

4] 4 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Will Be Bigger Than TV Advertising In The Next Decade
From Business Insider:

5] Elastic banner ads that look like widgets and that incorporate social media content, by Linked In + Widgetbox = Flite
From Mashable:

6] Have a lovely, lazy, dozy, floppy nap this weekend. You know, the best kind where you fall asleep on the sofa with the TV still on in the background.
You never know, napping may just make you famousJ



1] It all started with a check-in: the vision for #4sq3 and beyond from the foursquare blog:

2] 5 Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns from Mashable:

3] Personalized iPad Magazine Zite Learns As You Read, Challenges Flipboard from Fast Company:

And in case you missed it, something nice to watch whilst you scoff your luncheon at your desk: Ted Initiatives Ads worth Spreading Winners were announced:

Even though you think you should quite possibly try to have something else for lunch…..enjoy your chicken and bacon sandwich Saunders. Maybe you could try that secret bakery place where they seem to give you a chicken and bacon sarnie no matter what you orderJ

Mish mash smorgasboard: virtual popstars, mobiles in meetings & sketchnoting

1] Courtesy of Aaron Saenz’s article :“Created by Crypton Future Media,…
…Hatsune Miku is a virtual singing avatar that you can purchase for your PC and program to play any song you create. She and her virtual colleagues have gone on limited tours in Japan and virtual avatar song writing is a growing trend all over the world.

2] How to run a meeting = interesting & food for thought
The rule is for everyone in the room: if their attention is elsewhere, they aren’t listening. Frank, the guy who plays Plants vs. Zombies during staff and swears he’s listening? He’s not. He’s getting 50% of what’s being said, and worse, he’s giving everyone else in the room permission to slack.

3] Eva-Lotta Lamm has been promoting sketchnoting for quite a while now
Here is her latest deck Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking from WebExpo Prague 2010

And one for luck: why Connected TVs Will Be About the Content, Not the Apps from Jeremy Toeman
“We’re starting to see a lot of energy focused on “apps on your TV.” Right now, wired TVs and Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray players come equipped with everything from YouTube to TED Talks to Pandora to Twitter. When it comes to video and music apps (entertainment), the value proposition is clear: more content on my TV. But what’s the value of non-entertainment apps? And how can the device makers communicate that value?”

The good thing about colder weather is that the sky is much more blue and you can see for miles! More here, and also some fashionable advice about what you should wear to be warm and some star gazing pointersJ


Less is More: Loopt, Google & Twitter

1] Loopt, fed up with fighting with Foursquare & Gowalla, is releasing Loopt Star, a rewards scheme that basically turns it into a store loyalty card, stored electronically on your iPhone. … more from Fast Company
The main thrust of the new service is this location-based reward scheme, and to demonstrate its power Gap is taking part in the launch with a 25% discount voucher on the second checkin to a store location–redeemable on the spot.

2] Starting today,when you conduct a Google search on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll get apps as results along with regular search results.
These special links will take you directly to the app’s page in the Android Marketor iPhone App Store, where you can buy or download the app immediately. Links will include star rating, number of reviews, price and the name of the app maker.

3] Twitter kinda doesn’t copy facebook’s mutual friends functionality with its new ‘you both follow’ feature. More fun for stalkers (aka those who have an interest)?