It’s all about the money, money, money: Mobile life from TNS, Pew’s Future of mobile and Google’s playbook

1. Mobile Life survey from TNS Global

TNS have created a lovely site where you can explore their findings of 48,000 people’s mobile habits in 58 countries. The general consensus was that Mobile Commerce was fast on the increase.

2. Pew’s 35 page The Future of Mobile Money Report

Or read RRW’s part 1 and part 2 reviews

3. Google PlayBook – The Busy Exec’s Guide to Winning with Mobile

Includes affects on value propositions, digital destinations, organisations and marketing adapting to mobile and conneting with tablet audience.
Suitably powerpoint-y too:)


Meet my new love, Data. LinkedIn, ClearStory and Full-box CRM

1. LinkedIn are test driving 2 new data functions with the likes of AT&T, Samsung Mobile, Dell and Microsoft before they roll out to the RoW

a. Targeted Updates allows for follower segmentation and so status update targeting.
b. Follower Statistics is an analytics dashboard showing update efficacy

2. ClearStory Data launched a couple of weeks ago with their data integration and data visulisation cloud-based service

Their services integrates disparate data sources and APIs, handles mixed data sets and renders data layers graphically using Googles MapReduce technology. Karim Faris from early backer Google Ventures explains,

“Enterprises have already been collecting tons of data. They never thought of getting insight from it because it’s too much of a pain to extract anything from it…I was shocked to find out that the data is not just ignored but often discarded. It hides a treasure trove of insights. The classic example is Starbucks and combining sales data with weather data. Is my latte selling well in warm weather?” 

3. TechCrunch explain how the empty-box CRM – the CRM platform companies buy and that then need to be filled with potential customers – will now come pre-loaded

Thanks to social and social data, Full-Box CRM can help increase productivity and decrease data entry by buying in the leads, prospects and suspects, ready made.
Current tools such as, Klout and Follower Wonk are mimicking full-boxing but TechCrunch point out how the recent aquisition of Connected and Rapportive, position LinkedIn cleverly within this space.

Easter goodies: Egg colouring comp, chocolate Facebook campaigns and entertainment brands telling you to resist eggs

1. Lovely. Just lovely! Hatch Design from San Fran showcases entries for it’s 5th Annual Egg Colouring Contest.

2. Social Bakers went on the hunt for Sweet facebook campaigns and found Reese Peanut Butter Cups’ Virtual Bunny Trial, Lindt’s Golden Bunny Egg Hunt, and Cadbury’s Eggs Goo Game, all giving it some Easter welly!

3. And then we have McConnells who found that entertainment brands Sony and HMV were also getting in on the Easter action. HMV is telling consumers to join the Egg Resistence and buy games not eggs whilst Sony is taking advantage of the demise of GAME and have gone Eastery Twitter with chicks (bird variety not human) and with offers to ‘tweet about’.

I do love the time of Easter, it’s all so yellow, cuddly and chocolately, what’s not to love?

Guest Post from Sandy the Intern on the Harvest iapp, the Bloodline club and the 8-bit Madmen game

1. Harvest iapp

Cool app that contains a guide to how fruit and vegetables are supposed to look and feel like. Provides you with tips to help you select fresh fruit and vegetables and the app also shows the pesticides levels for the products.

2. Bloodline Club

Basically the Bloodline Club is a social initiative by the Indian telecom company Tata DOCOMO. The purpose of the service is to save lives in times of need by getting people to volunteer to donating blood. You sign up by providing your mobile number and which country and city you live in, as well as your blood group. The service connects you to the people in your area with a compatible blood type to yours and if you would need a blood donation a request will pop up in their mobiles. The same goes for when someone in your area needs a blood donation, you will receive a request which you can choose if you want to reply or not.

3.  Mad Men 8-bit game

The TV show we can’t get enough of. In time for the much anticipated season premiere this weirdly wonderful 8-Bit “Choose Your Own Adventure” style advertgame was launched on Youtube. The game contains of 40 different videos, each video provides an interactive element that steers the game into a different path through the 40 odd videos, in the hope of uncovering the 3 different endings… Weird but cool. After all over 300,000 people had played it within only 5 days of the launch.

Thank you Sandy the intern!:) You rock! I hope you’re enjoying kicking it with the Client Services team.