Pah!, Social radio and Nokia kinetic smartphone

1. Pah!

Shout Pah! for a long period of time to move the spaceship, and shout Pah! in a short burst to fire the blip. Voice controlled Pah! game has 479,989 iOS downloads and 202,110 Android downloads.

2. Myxer

Listening and chat with friends in real time, create and enter listening rooms, record Song Stories, and thumbs-up or thumbs-down songs to control what song gets played and listened to which in turn will personalise your song list.

3. HumanForm

From the horses video mouth:  “HumanForm was created to translate the most promising new nanotechnologies into a meaningful user experience. The result is a dynamically flexible device, beyond touch screen and voice communication, where technology is invisible and intuition takes over. This concept and a follow-up Nokia Kinetic Device prototype were shown at Nokia World 2011. ”

And set to change the news reporting and gathering face forever, not only do we have Guardians Notice – an online community board where users can post events, offers and news for others too see – but we also now have Civic Boom. The Civic Boom app and site facilitates content requests and creation thereof. Consider it part of your news reporting content creating civic duty?


Nat geo AR, the UX of hormones and interactive print

1. If you’re in Hungary in a mall, and you love a bit of AR well then you’re in luck. You get to stroke tigers, hide from elephants and control weather systems. Just stand in front of the screen. No mobile required.

2. “… today’s online user experience continues to drastically evolve, yet people’s biological instincts can’t seem to keep up. “I think it’s really important that we don’t confuse the two. They are different.” Stephanie Buck

3. As it says on the tin: 5 Impressive interactive ad campaigns that make the most out of print

and I do like the Call of Duty MW3 ad – it works and makes me wanna be a n00b

Delayed Fashiontastic Gratification

I meant to post these guys a while back and I didn’t but I really wanted to because a] fashion brands are getting their digital on and b] luxury fashion brands are digitising without loosing their exclusivity quota.

1] Burberry is all over it! From 3D holographic runways, live streams to purchase, many fanned Facebook activity , much viewed Youtube activity to Tweetwalk where catwalk looks premiered on twitter before runway, Burberry is also one of the first to create a google+1 brand page

2] The Armani Exchange are giving power to the people through the A|E VIDEOMIX lets downloaders of this iOS app edit runs, choose from music tracks and backgrounds and create their own virtual shows not only to share but to buy from.

3] Lanvin isn’t too shy to play. For their Fall 2011 campaign, they have video-ed and viral-ed their beautifully groomed and wonderfully dressed models dancing ala XBox Kinect. Watch n learn baby.

Hope you have an exclusive weekend filled with faux fur luxury but with many opportunities for interaction without de-valuing your brand equity.

3 videos – the ROI of UX, & UX guidelines and Fullerton’s disconnecting people

Firstly, 2 client, management & board friendly videos: 1 for UX/IA persons wanting to financially justifying ‘doing IA/UX’ on projects…

1] The ROI of UX:

…and another with some simple high level guidelines 

2] 7 ways to improve websites:

…both ala Dr. Susan Weinschenk
Thirdly a lovely thought provoking talk from Ben Fullerton @ UX week 2010

How do we help people to disconnect:

And from Oliver Burkeman in the Guardian (07/01/12)  who reports how academics at Stanford University ask the question: what if we could harness the technology itself to induce serenity e.g to create states of calm in their Calming Technology Laboratory. 
Enter calm tech that tackles electronic distraction. Programs such as which cuts internet access and which again cuts Facebook and Twitter.

I’m not entirely convinced that cutting off access is the only way to induce calm. By denying access, at inappropriate and appropriate times, we simply remind (best case scenario) or annoy and disrupt flow (worse case)  or allow users to over ride and change the cut off.

We should look at providing computer-mediated calm by truly tapping into the affordances that technology offers and indeed The Calming Tech Lab has projects that do use those affordances. However, many of these projects still focus on the technology as the mediator – sending and receiving information.

Perhaps those affordances of tech focussed not around message relay such as sounds, alerts and alarms, music, visuals, progress, calm health, trackers, and even a calm creature may be explored creatively to not only allow the user to use calm tech, but allow technology to actually be calming.

Blip the Waitrose ad, Flickr sketching marathon man and Macy’s christmas charity campaign

1] Waitrose and Blippar (QR code’s contender/replacement/competitor) have teamed up to make that Delia and Heston TV ad even more magical by being able to pause, point their phone and Blip the ad for bonus content:
From e-consultancy

2] For some men, completing a marathon just isn’t enough. Cartoonist Niemann drew and tweeted his way through his 26 miles and 385 yards run in New York:!/abstractsunday

3] Writing to Santa is now double the fun!
NSPCC lets parents help craft a letter from the jolly old fellow to their kids, which is nice and charitable.

Then we have Macy’s & Make a Wish Foundation, the Believe Campaign. Centred around charming Virginia and Ollie they’ve taken it to a whole new lovely level, enabling letter creation and sending to Mr Claus. With in-store augmented reality, merchandise, a Believe-o-Magic mobile app and a cute site –, they’ve got all angles covered.

Have an amazing autumnal week, it’s bloody lovely with all those red, orange crunchy leaves! (mind the dog poo if like me, you like scuffing your feet through em:))