UX off the desk top and into the real world

1] Barcelona design agency Fuelfor are tackling the humble hospital waiting rooms.  They’ve designed a series of concepts that take into account, patient and visitor feelings and mindsets, their needs and concerns and making the experience of ‘waiting’ that bit more bearable. This is fine example of life user experience:

2] Despite its perception as a technology that doesn’t quite deliver what it promised, industries want to take Augmented reality out of ad campaigns and into industry. Technology palm readers have postulated how augmented reality may be used to to help trim chicken, to solve crimes and of course, to educate children. 

away from the machine, “and I come up to this Coca-Cola machine which was probably created before Facebook. How am I going to connect to this machine?

These examples are of people, of life, of feelings and desires and things, all finally joining up. This is planet earth (no idea what the lyrics mean but i do like his shirt).


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