When sitting back TV makes you lean forward

1] Take a moment to reflect about TV
Kevin O’Connor explains how social media is changing TV as we know it
“Social TV is a broad term referring to sundry technologies that support social interactions in the context of watching television or consuming TV-related content. In the hardware realm, those could be streaming devices, gaming consoles and internet-connectable Blu-ray players and TVs. On the software side, consumers are looking at a wider variety: content discovery, check-in, gaming and programming applications, for example.

Yet many key questions about Social TV remain unanswered. For instance, how will these concepts come together into sailable technologies? What do consumers want to see from the world of Social TV? To answer these and more, the User Insight team began a yearlong Social TV research project, calledThe Social TV Experiment,” applying the best of what the firm does: user research.”

 2] Get close to someone who knows TV
Daniels Lee working on Google TV
Design best practise for TV web applications including directional pad navigation, user interface design for TV, colour issues, and zooming, as well as discussing some unique opportunities.

3] Realise that when it comes to TV, size does matter
Patterns to help understand and define strategies for the multiscreen world from German design consultancy Precious
“Working for all those devices was interesting and challenging. Not just because of the diverse screen sizes and input methods, but because we learned in our user research how different the contexts are in which these gadgets are used.

Even more interesting, is the question how those devices relate to each other. What does it mean for the digital products and services we are designing, when PCs, smartphones, TVs and other electronic devices are connected? What implications does it have on the interfaces, if people are interacting in an ecosystem of screens?”

 Does the newly launched last week, Argos TV shopping channel sell smart TVs?


Beauty, 24/7 conversations, shopping and flash sales & gaming

1] L’oreal talks of changing the beauty industry

 2] The Voice: how a TV show became a 24/7 social media conversation

 3] Just landed in my inbox from Net-A-Porter – I can snoop on fellow shoppers and get stuff that they do

 4] Shopping in flash sales is gaming

You know what? I like Maccy D’s. I’m not ashamed.  I like their fries, especially when they are piping hot and I don’t care if you shun me because of that. But hear me out, what also makes me fond of the golden arches is their ad campaigns. 2009 saw the simple yet playful Piccadilly circus signs. This year saw the lucky and stylish Stockholmers playing billboard pong to get a free big mac. And not to mention the plethora of augmented reality games accessible off the happy meal boxes in France and the Avatar Pandora hook-up in the States. So come on now, why be a fighter when you could be a lover?

Get your social on: Paid to like, NBA DILOs & Facebook covers

1] A whole new meaning to socially rewarding in the travel worldSocial Rewards is a loyalty-marketing program that rewards points to users for tweeting and posting to Facebook about the brands they like. A user can earn five points for a tweet and as much as 250 points if their social-media postings lead to room bookings. We tap in to a brands existing loyalty program or create custom loyalty programs like the one we did for Luxor [casino in Las Vegas],” says Joseph Morin, co-founder and CEO of Social Rewards….
From Inc.com

 2] DILO a Social Medialist…While bored traditional sports reporters wait for quotes from the megastars, the NBA’s elite social media team finds images, videos, and moments that take followers up close and behind the scenes of the Finals. We follow–literally–the social media masters during before, during, and after the action to watch how it all works.
From Fast Company

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 3] “Who said Facebook can’t be used to sell magazines”
Newsweek readers play ‘guess the cover’ on facebook

From The Daily Beast

and there’s always one isn’t there…

Asides form the slightly psychizo weather,  it’s actually all about what’s going down at the 2011 E3 Expo.For all the regular joes out there, here’s Wired’s round up (the FHM of the tech, culture, science world according to Doug) to keep you in the gaming know without over doing it.
And for those like Matt for whom the breaking news of Nintendo’s new console, Wii U is just oh so passé, get your chops around Gametrailers