Fashionably snappy: Re-sale, Ads & Blogging

1] ASOS gets all ebay on our ass with ASOS Marketplace – the place to buy and sell your style

2] From Trend Hunter: Adult Worker Ads to Fishing Fashion Advertising
(Jan 20)

3] From Mashable:
Tumblr to sponsor 20+ bloggers at New York Fashion Week


Delayed inspiration: Mobile eBay, branded content & background videos

1] The eBay Mobile Commerce Infographic is a groundbreaking interactive tool where media and consumers can view a global heat map to discover consumers’ mobile shopping activity on eBay and compare data representing eBay’s top 20 item categories and the total value of items purchased on mobile devices across six international markets. The Mobile Commerce Infographic was created as a study of the extensive buying activity that occurs on eBay mobile platforms across the top six international markets. It is a visualization of a representative sample of buyer transactions that occurred on eBay via mobile devices over a specific time period. 

Summary of findings in the independent

2] “Fashion brands and retailers’ approaches to branded content will continue to evolve; these 7 stellar examples are already indicative of that. The value of branded content from a budgetary consideration is significant, especially when combined with the cost effectiveness of social media marketing. More retailers and brands are expected to jump on board.”

3]Creative Use Of Video in Web Design: Background Videos

Today, on the bus back from a client meeting, Matt Saunders learnt about Synchronous Lateral Excitation. He discovered it happened on the Millennium Bridge and was also that there was sign up on the Prince Albert Bridge warning troops against it. Lucky Matt.