Cold Cuts: clients, gamification & storefronts

1 ] 30 ways at least to create an incredible client experience
Freelance switch asked their users to provide their best non-intuitive tip for creating a word-of-mouth worthy experience for clients. Some are a little home craft but go with itJ 

 2 ] A beautifully written presentation ala Sebastian Deterding for Playful 2010, London, 24.09.2010
“An infectious disease is currently spreading across the Internet: the badge measles”.
“So what I want to talk about today is simply this: What is going on here, and what is the cause of my discontent with it?. “
Read Sebastian’s Pawned. Gamification and its discontents. Really read it. And then go on to explore his references at the end. Really.

 3] Dazzling Digital Ads: 12 Interactive Storefront Displays
from Web Urbanist
“In a world where advertisements are plastered all over every surface, from benches and stairs to pedestrian crosswalks, businesses are turning to high-tech interactive displays that all but reach out and tap us on the shoulder as we pass…”

 Have cuddly, warm, and thermal Friday and a snowman filled weekend…