Things that make you go hmmm: Penguin, Service design & Don Norman

1] Adopt a word because they are becoming extinct. Extinct. That’s right. Apparently today 90% of everything we write is conveyed by only 7,000 words. So adopt a word at save the words. I’m not sure it’s better than adopting a penguin…

2] An oldie but a goodie: Don Norman on 3 ways good design makes you happy.

3] Oh how we love to live the cyclic. Now the digital/ad industry is turning back to Service Design. That’s right, back. Service Design like Product Design is nothing new and like Product Design, it’s been done for years and years;  but Service Design is buzzy. The new big thing. It can help explain and sell. This is reflected in a piece on owned media: Owned touchpoints by Boris Nihom

Have a very fulfilling rest of week and if you’re bored, give yourself a celeb off-spring name, dye your hair, have a dig at some celebs, stick it all on a blog with some banner ads and be amongst the high paid bloggers ala Perez Hilton who allegedly makes $140k per month. Genius.