Mish mash smorgasboard: virtual popstars, mobiles in meetings & sketchnoting

1] Courtesy of Aaron Saenz’s article :“Created by Crypton Future Media,…
…Hatsune Miku is a virtual singing avatar that you can purchase for your PC and program to play any song you create. She and her virtual colleagues have gone on limited tours in Japan and virtual avatar song writing is a growing trend all over the world.

2] How to run a meeting = interesting & food for thought
The rule is for everyone in the room: if their attention is elsewhere, they aren’t listening. Frank, the guy who plays Plants vs. Zombies during staff and swears he’s listening? He’s not. He’s getting 50% of what’s being said, and worse, he’s giving everyone else in the room permission to slack.

3] Eva-Lotta Lamm has been promoting sketchnoting for quite a while now
Here is her latest deck Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking from WebExpo Prague 2010

And one for luck: why Connected TVs Will Be About the Content, Not the Apps from Jeremy Toeman
“We’re starting to see a lot of energy focused on “apps on your TV.” Right now, wired TVs and Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray players come equipped with everything from YouTube to TED Talks to Pandora to Twitter. When it comes to video and music apps (entertainment), the value proposition is clear: more content on my TV. But what’s the value of non-entertainment apps? And how can the device makers communicate that value?”

The good thing about colder weather is that the sky is much more blue and you can see for miles! More here, and also some fashionable advice about what you should wear to be warm and some star gazing pointersJ



Less is More: Loopt, Google & Twitter

1] Loopt, fed up with fighting with Foursquare & Gowalla, is releasing Loopt Star, a rewards scheme that basically turns it into a store loyalty card, stored electronically on your iPhone. … more from Fast Company
The main thrust of the new service is this location-based reward scheme, and to demonstrate its power Gap is taking part in the launch with a 25% discount voucher on the second checkin to a store location–redeemable on the spot.

2] Starting today,when you conduct a Google search on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll get apps as results along with regular search results.
These special links will take you directly to the app’s page in the Android Marketor iPhone App Store, where you can buy or download the app immediately. Links will include star rating, number of reviews, price and the name of the app maker.

3] Twitter kinda doesn’t copy facebook’s mutual friends functionality with its new ‘you both follow’ feature. More fun for stalkers (aka those who have an interest)?

When is copy not just copy?

When it affects the interactional affordance of the element; what a user thinks the element does, what the user uses it to do & what the user expects it to do.

Changing copy on interactive elements affects navigation, the intricacies of the interaction & the user journey. This in turn affects learning, mind mapping & system understanding & orientation which in turn affects the total experience that the uses leaves with.

It ain’t just words you change when you change copy on interactive elements, it’s action.