Social Disney, Starbucks-Snagfilms, billboards & Francis Galton

1] At last, Taking social media off the web. Disney Makes Social Media the Centerpiece of Theme Park Ad Campaign

Disney is asking users to submit their own memories online using YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and

2] Content is King but Content Provision is more King. Starbucks is taking a tip from its users and designing its upcoming web landing portal Starbucks Digital Network to be optimized first for mobile devices instead of traditional web browsers.

SnagFilms currently offers access to 1,600 award-winning documentary titles. Together Starbucks and SnagFilms will co-curate a monthly themed collection of featured films to highlight through SDN.Starbucks will curate a series of three to six music-themed documentaries, further establishing the coffee retailer’s tastemaker status in the music department. The musical video selection will round out its in-store music offerings alongside its iTunes Pick of the Week card program, which will also be carried over to SDN.

3] Shit. The advertising billboards of the future will not simply promote a product, but analyze the audience and display items that the viewer is more likely to buy.

Japanese firms have already developed the technology to deliver a more focused message. And that, they hope, will lead to better sales. Electronics giant NEC Corp. recently unveiled PanelDirector, an interactive advertising solution that is equipped with a small camera that is able to capture an image of anyone that looks at it.

Have a lovely weekend and read up on this dude: Sir Francis Galton – Darwin’s half cousin – he was knighted in 1909. He was a pioneer in eugenics, coining the very term itself and the phrase “nature versus nurture“. His book, Hereditary Genius (1869), was the first social scientific attempt to study genius and greatness.[1] As an investigator of the human mind, he founded psychometrics (the science of measuring mental faculties) and differential psychology. He devised a method for classifying fingerprints that proved useful in forensic science.

At a more base level, he looked into how good looking, bad looking and ok people were across the UK (London has the best looking and Aberdeen the worst apparently), how to make perfect tea, and the effectiveness of prayer (apparently praying longer, harder and more often does increase your life expectancy; the priests still died before the lawyers and doctors)

Anyway, Francis (Sir) is truly remarkable, read about him on good ole Wikipedia like I didJ